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Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”? Part 2

Spanish Flu Policemen Seattle 1918 photo
Spanish Flu Policemen Seattle 1918 photo

Policemen sporting masks offered by the American Purple Cross in Seattle, 1918. Picture supply.

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Part 1:

Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”?

Did contaminated vaccines and different medical merchandise made in horses play a crucial position in killing 50-100 million in 1918-19?

By Kevin Barry, President
First Freedoms, Inc.


The “Spanish Flu” killed an estimated 50-100 million individuals throughout a pandemic 1918-19.

What if the story  we’ve been advised about this pandemic isn’t true? What if, as an alternative, the killer an infection was neither the flu nor Spanish in origin?

Newly analyzed paperwork reveal that the “Spanish Flu” might have been a army vaccine experiment gone awry.

In wanting again on the 100th anniversary of the top of World Conflict I, we have to delve deeper to unravel this thriller.

Abstract from Part 1 (1):

  • Extra troopers died from illness than bullets throughout WWI.
  • The Spanish Flu was neither Spanish nor Flu. Based on a 2008 research by the U.S. Nationwide Institute of Well being, the “predominant” killer in 1918-19 was bacterial pneumonia, and the primary instances weren’t in Spain.
  • Preliminary outbreaks could be traced to U.S. army bases.  A bacterial vaccine experiment on troopers at Fort Riley, Kansas is likely one of the army epicenters of the epidemic.
  • The serums, anti-toxins and vaccines used on troopers have been made in horses on the Rockefeller Institute in New York (and in NJ). The identical horses have been used “in the preparation of diphtheria, tetanus antitoxin and antimeningococcus serum.”  Similar horses, a number of pathogens.
  • When WW1 ended on November 11, 1918, troopers returned to their residence nations and colonial outposts, spreading the killer bacterial pneumonia worldwide.
  • Throughout WW1, the Rockefeller Institute additionally despatched comparable batches of the antimeningococcus serum used at Fort Riley to England, France, Belgium, Italy and different nations.
  • Vaccine experiments just like the WWI experiments on troopers in WW1 usually are not a factor of the previous.  Watch as Dr. Stanley Plotkin,(2) the Godfather of the US vaccine program, describes his vaccine experiments on the mentally handicapped, orphans, youngsters of moms in jail.  Dr. Plotkin expresses a choice for experimenting “on children and adults who are human in form but not in social potential.” The deposition was taken in January 2018.

In Part 1, I requested if medical merchandise made in horses might have performed a position in the brand new illness which killed hundreds of thousands worldwide in the pandemic of 1918-19.

The December 1917 challenge of Well-liked Mechanics journal (three) sheds mild on the vaccine manufacturing strategy of 100 years in the past.

The function article, “How New York City’s Health Department Makes Serums and Vaccines for the United States Army” describes processes in place in 1917:

“After the horse has been inoculated with the illness poison in regularly growing doses he’s bled and his serum is discovered to be antitoxin.

That is administered to human beings and renders them resistant to the illness …. Some horses give extra antitoxin serum than others.

The identical horse could also be used at a number of totally different occasions for the preparation of distinctly totally different antitoxins … Horses are used in the preparation of diphtheria, tetanus antitoxin and antimeningococcus serum. “

It’s troublesome to consider that they used the identical horses to make a number of illness serums, however they did.

If security had been a concern, maybe sure horses would have been devoted to producing serum for one illness (or “poison” as the article calls it), however security doesn’t look like on the record of considerations.

These muddled and probably contaminated serums have been then given to troopers (and to the general public).


Have been pathogens transferred from these horses to people in mass portions in methods that they had by no means transferred earlier than?

People and horses had interacted intently for hundreds of years, however horse serum had not been injected into people in that method earlier than, bypassing the human immune system.

Is it attainable that this new technique of publicity induced the bacterial pneumonias which ripped human lungs aside in methods by no means seen earlier than?

Might pathogens comparatively innocent to horse lungs make a species-jump and destroy human lungs?

In 1919, a Dutch army veterinarian named Captain Emile Bemelmans “developed an in depth concept on the relation between human and animal influenza …. In 1919, he argued that ‘the human ‘flu’ and the so-called ‘infectious disease of the breast’ of horses are precisely similar in aetiological, bacteriological and epidemiological senses’.

In her 2014 paper “‘Spanish’ flu and army horses: what historians and biologists can learn from a history of animals with flu during the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic”, Dr. Flooring Haalboom describes Bemelmans’s work:

“In 1919, Bemelmans’s argument on the similar nature of human and horse influenza in the Nederlandsch Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde (the Dutch medical journal) was reviewed in the veterinary journal,

… in 1914 he prolonged his concept on horse flu to a number of human and animal infectious illnesses in an article in the Dutch medical journal.  Bemelmans listed human influenza as an instance amongst many different animal and human illnesses which he thought have been accompanied by (lethal) infections of streptococci.

Though he didn’t but argue that human and horse flu have been precisely equal, he did explicitly observe their similarities: ‘Also between the human influenza and the so-called breast disease in horses peculiar similarities exist’…

… In these papers, Bemelmans addressed the character of influenza (though he nonetheless most popular the identify ‘flu’) of each people and horses. He opposed the concepts that Pfeiffer’s bacterium or a filterable virus brought about the illness, however thought toxins made by the micro organism streptococci have been answerable for its lethal secondary problems. “ (four)

Dr. Bemelmans’s contemporaneous observations have largely been misplaced to historical past, in half due to the self necessary angle of the medical group.

The hubris of the medical group prevented them from listening to a lowly veterinarian.

Nevertheless, Dr. Bemelmans’s observations and persistence in getting them revealed are terribly beneficial.  His consciousness on the time that bateria was the killer of each people and horses in the pandemic of 1918-19 put him many years forward of his contemporaries.

The NIH paper describing micro organism as the predominant killer was revealed in 2008.(5)

If Dr. Bemelmans was right that horses and people have been affected by an similar illness, are there illnesses equivalent (or very comparable) in each horses and people?  Do any of these illnesses goal the lungs?

“Animal Models – A Neglected Medical Resource”, Cornelius, CE, DVM, Ph.D.N Engl J Med 1969; 281:934-944 (6)

In a 1969 paper,  Kansas State College veterinarian Dr. Charles E. Cornelius compiled a record of illnesses which have been very comparable or similar in people and numerous different species.  Among the many illnesses similar/very comparable in people and horses is pulmonary emphysema, which targets the lungs.

Did a pathogen which causes pulmonary emphysema “species-jump” from horses to people in these serums and vaccines?

The vaccines have been clearly manufactured in primitive, unavoidably unsafe circumstances after which given to WW1 troopers as an experiment.

What precisely was in the serums and vaccines made in the horses on the Rockefeller Institute – particularly contemplating that the identical particular person horses have been used to for number of serums for a number of illnesses?

Recall from Part 1 that Streptococci micro organism have been generally discovered in the tissue samples from the autopsies of those that died in 1918-19. (5)

Cornelius stated human and horse pulmonary emphysema are equivalent.  Bemelmans reported that people and horses have been affected by the identical illness.

Did docs treating troopers affected by “Spanish Flu” report on encountering a new killer sort of pulmonary emphysema, inflicting  lung injury that that they had ever seen earlier than?


“Acute Pulmonary Emphysema Observed During the Epidemic of Influenzal Pneumonia at Camp Hancock, Georgia”Robert G. Torrey American Journal of the Medical Sciences  1919, p. 170 – 181 (7)

Captain Dr. Torrey served at Camp Hancock, simply outdoors of Augusta, GA.  The troopers who got here via Camp Hancock have been possible on their option to Charleston, SC to board ships to France, however lots of them wouldn’t survive to get to the entrance.

Hundreds died at Camp Hancock. Some who survived the sickness possible made it to the ships, probably passing the infectious micro organism to different troopers in the unsanitary circumstances which have been rampant throughout WWI.

From Dr. Torrey’s report:


… Sure circumstances have been invariably current, together with an intense bronchitis and peribronchitis just like that discovered in a earlier epidemic of pure hemolytic streptococcus an infection (Scarlet Fever).  There was additionally current from the primary a damaging softening of the lung parenchyma.

Along with this there was all the time an early and persisting generalized pulmonary emphysema which steadily was the primary issue in inflicting demise by interference with the mass motion of venous blood.

These circumstances have been discovered in each case examined at post-mortem. Apart from frequent otitis media (ear an infection) there have been virtually no problems or sequelae outdoors of the chest.

The pulmonary emphysema, with consequent venous stasis, accounted for the cyanosis (turning blue/purple colour), epistaxis (nosebleeds) and fixation of the chest in the part of utmost inspiration (inhaling), with low stand of the diaphragm, which characterised these instances, and in addition accounted for the paradoxical bodily indicators (paradoxical respiration) in which fluid developed in the chest.”

Torrey describes what occurred to those troopers as they died.  They have been coughing, turning into “cloud adults” (eight) (as described in Part 1).

It appeared like a bacterial an infection to him.  Autopsies confirmed lung tissue had been broken, which restricted blood stream, turning the dying a bluish/purple colour, on account of lack of oxygen.

When the sufferers tried to inhale, their diaphragms constricted as an alternative of expanded, the other of what diaphragms are imagined to do.(9) Fluids then crammed their lungs, and lots of didn’t survive, actually the fluid in their lungs strangling the troopers to demise.


There’s a extremely contagious horse respiratory an infection referred to as Strangles (or Distemper).  If this illness can kill horses, what wouldn’t it do to human lungs if launched into people, by way of injection and subsequently bypassing the immune system, on a mass scale?

“Strangles is a extremely contagious higher respiratory an infection of horses brought on by the micro organism Streptococcus equi subspecies equi (S. equi). It’s transmitted by inhalation or direct contact with contaminated surfaces (for instance horses sharing water buckets).“ (10)

Did streptococcus equi contaminate the serums and vaccines made in horses produced on the Rockefeller Institute and injected into troopers in a vaccine experiment?  Was streptococcus equi in the medical serums given to the troopers as remedies?  Was it another pathogen which species jumped?

Did medical hubris result in a mistake which brought on a species bounce which killed 50-100 million individuals 100 years in the past?


The vaccine business is all the time in search of human check topics.  They’ve probably the most success when they’re able to discover populations who are usually not in a place to refuse.  Troopers (11), infants, the disabled, prisoners, these in creating nations – anybody not in a place to refuse.

Vaccine experimentation on weak populations is just not a problem of the previous.

Watch this video clip of Dr. Stanley Plotkin the place he describes utilizing experimental vaccines on orphans, the mentally retarded, prisoners, and people underneath colonial rule.

The deposition was in January 2018.

The hubris of the medical group is identical or worse now than it was 100 years in the past.

Watch as Dr. Plotkin admits to writing,

“The question is whether we are to have experiments performed on fully functioning adults and on children who are potentially contributors to society or to perform initial studies in children and adults who are human in form but not in social potential.”

Please watch the horrifying video clip.  (12)

Partially as a result of the worldwide group is properly conscious of medical hubris and properly conscious of the poor report of medical ethics, the Common Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (13) developed worldwide requirements relating to the correct to knowledgeable consent to preventative medical procedures like vaccination.

The worldwide group is properly conscious that the pharmaceutical business makes errors and is all the time looking out for human check topics.

The Declaration states that people have the human proper to consent to any preventative medical intervention like vaccination.

Article three – Human dignity and human rights

1. Human dignity, human rights and elementary freedoms are to be absolutely revered.
2. The pursuits and welfare of the person ought to have precedence over the only curiosity of science or society.

Article 6 – Consent

1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is simply to be carried out with the prior, free and knowledgeable consent of the individual involved, based mostly on sufficient info. The consent ought to, the place applicable, be categorical and could also be withdrawn by the individual involved at any time and for any purpose with out drawback or prejudice. (13)

Clear water, sanitation, flushing bogs, refrigerated meals and wholesome diets have finished and nonetheless do much more to guard humanity from infectious illnesses than any vaccine program.  Docs and the vaccine business have usurped credit score which rightfully belongs to plumbers, electricians, sandhogs, engineers and metropolis planners.

For these causes, coverage makers in any respect ranges of presidency ought to shield the human rights and particular person liberties of people to choose out of vaccine packages by way of exemptions.

The hubris of the medical group won’t ever go away. Coverage makers have to know that vaccines like all medical interventions are usually not infallible. Vaccines are usually not magic. All of us have totally different susceptibility to illness.  Human beings aren’t one measurement matches all.

In 1918-19, the vaccine business experimented on troopers, probably with disastrous outcomes.

In 2018, the vaccine business experiments on infants day-after-day. The vaccine schedule has by no means been examined as it’s given.  The outcomes of the experiment are in: 1 in 7 American youngsters is in some type of particular schooling and over 50% have some type of persistent sickness. (14)

In 1918-19, there was no security comply with up after vaccines have been delivered.

In 2018, there’s nearly no security comply with up after a vaccine is delivered.  Who precisely gave you that flu shot at Ceremony Assist? Do you’ve got the cell variety of the shop worker if one thing goes mistaken?

In 1918-19, there was no legal responsibility to the producer for accidents or demise brought on by vaccines.

In 2018, there isn’t any legal responsibility for vaccine producers for accidents or demise brought on by vaccines, which was formalized in 1986. (15)

In 1918-19, there was no unbiased investigative comply with up difficult the official story that “Spanish Flu” was some thriller sickness which dropped from the sky.

I think that lots of these on the Rockefeller Institute knew what occurred, and that most of the docs who administered the vaccines to the troops knew what occurred, however these individuals are lengthy lifeless.

In 2018, the Pharmaceutical business is the most important marketing campaign donor to politicians and the most important advertiser in all types of media, so not a lot has modified over 100 years. This story will possible be ignored by mainstream media as a result of their salaries are paid by pharmaceutical promoting.

The subsequent time you hear somebody say “vaccines save lives” please keep in mind that the true story of the price/advantage of vaccines is rather more difficult than their three phrase slogan.

Additionally keep in mind that vaccines might have killed 50-100 million individuals in 1918-19. If true, these prices significantly outweighed any profit, particularly contemplating that plumbers, electricians, sandhogs and engineers did, and proceed to do, the actual work which reduces mortality from illness.

Vaccines aren’t magic.(16)  Human rights and bioethics are critically essential.  Coverage makers ought to perceive the historical past of medical hubris and shield particular person and parental human rights as described in the Common Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.


Kevin Barry is the President of First Freedoms, Inc. a 501.c.three.  He’s a former federal lawyer, a rep on the UN HQ in New York and the writer of Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Analysis Fraud on the CDC.  Please help his work at

Learn the complete article at

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