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Facial Nerve Palsy Symptoms – 7th Cranial Nerve, Function & Anatomy

facial nerve palsy

Facial nerve palsy is the identify given to the medical situation the place the muscular tissues to at least one aspect of the face develop into weak and partially or utterly paralysed. This identify might give rise to some confusion as, although the words facial and nerve are self-explanatory, the word palsy can have totally different meanings. It is extensively used to describe uncontrollable actions comparable to tremors or shaking of elements of the body or even the entire physique however, in this occasion, its which means specifically refers to the lack of movement or paralysis of sure muscle tissues.

The phrase palsy is considered being a spelling variation of the 13th-century English phrase parlesie which was derived from the previous French word paralisie. This, in flip, had its roots within the Latin phrase paralysis which, as will come as no surprise, means paralysis. There are numerous totally different nerves serving the cranium however this situation is due to issues affecting a selected nerve, together with its branches. This nerve is officially referred to as the peripheral 7th cranial nerve and is usually simply known as cranial nerve VII or CN VII.

Facial Nerve Anatomy

With a purpose to better perceive the nature and causes of facial nerve palsy, it’s worthwhile to think about the anatomy of the facial nerve together with its location and features. This nerve, referred to as cranial nerve 7 (CN VII), is the seventh paired cranial nerve and it’s primarily a motor nerve. It has some sensory features nevertheless including the sense of style for the front two thirds of the tongue and additionally it is described as being “parasympathetic” innervating numerous glands of the top and neck. Its course could be very complicated and it has many branches. Its path runs partly inside the skull and partly with out. It arises at the pons which is part of the brain stem and at this point consists of two separate roots, a big motor root, and smaller sensory root. These root nerves prolong to an inner opening in the bones of the cranium referred to as the acoustic meatus and move by means of into the facial canal passing very near the inside ear. At this point, the two roots fuse to type the facial nerve and this is the situation of a nerve ganglion.

Facial nerve anatomyFacial nerve anatomy

Whilst still inside the bones of the skull, three nerve branches lead from the facial nerve these being the larger petrosal nerve, which innervates a number of glands, the stapedius nerve, leading to the stapedius muscle in the center ear and the chorda tympani liable for the sense of style on the tongue.

The facial nerve then exits the skull by way of the stylomastoid foramen, simply to the rear of the styloid means of the temporal bone. The nerve then runs forwards simply in front of the lower a part of the outer ear. Here there are three nerve branches these being the posterior auricular, chargeable for the innervation of the muscle tissues near to the ear, the nerve to the digastric muscle and the nerve to the stylohyoid muscle. From this point on, the nerve has purely motor features and is known as the motor root of the facial nerve. It then passes into the parotid gland the place it splits into an extra five branches. It ought to be famous that it plays no part within the innervation of the parotid gland. The five nerve branches then result in numerous facial muscle tissues, the person nerves being the temporal, zygomatic, buccal, marginal mandibular and cervical. It can be seen that such a posh pathway of nerves might have an effect on many various areas and any issues might have an effect on totally different elements depending on the precise location of the problem.

Symptoms of Facial Nerve Palsy

Facial nerve palsy is mostly brought on by the malfunction of the 7th cranial nerve and, as this nerve has several branches each controlling totally different elements of the face, totally different symptoms may be observed. It is virtually all the time a unilateral condition affecting only one aspect of the face and the most obvious symptom is the weak spot of a few of the facial muscle mass often main to a point of paralysis which can be partial or complete. This leads to the attribute twisted visage because the muscle tissue on the other aspect proceed to contract and move as regular. This will likely at first be mistaken for symptoms of a stroke which frequently additionally leads to unilateral facial paralysis however this will simply be discounted by a better examination of the signs. In instances of stroke or tumour, the central facial nerve is affected which means that solely the decrease part of the face is paralysed.

Stroke victims are virtually all the time capable of absolutely close their eyes and wrinkle their brows however those suffering from facial nerve palsy are sometimes unable to carry out these features. In addition to enabling the more obvious motor features of facial muscle mass, the 7th cranial nerve additionally controls the tear glands, salivary glands and the sense of style. The middle ear can also be concerned, specifically the muscular control of the eardrum. An episode of facial nerve palsy is subsequently more likely to end in paralysis of one aspect of the face together with the lack to maneuver the forehead, problem or the entire lack of ability to close one eye, the eye tending to show upwards as closure is attempted, lack of control of the salivary and tear glands, probably resulting in a point of drooling and tearing, a lack of the sense of style on the entrance two thirds of the tongue on the affected aspect solely and interference with listening to on one aspect which may manifest itself as deafness, tinnitus, or ceaselessly as excessive loudness (hyperacusis).

Facial Nerve Palsy vs. Bell’s Palsy

Some of the commonly encountered types of facial nerve palsy is ceaselessly referred to as Bell’s palsy (additionally Bell palsy or Bell’s illness). It was named after the eminent 19th century Scottish surgeon who studied this situation and the best way by which the nervous system was involved. Though this term is now less ceaselessly utilized in medical circles, it remains well-known and there could also be a bent for the two names to be considered synonymous however this is not strictly right. Bell’s palsy is all the time an acute condition which manifests itself shortly, the signs showing in a matter of some hours. Additionally it is often described as being idiopathic, which means that there isn’t any recognized trigger, but in fact in fact there’s a trigger however it is probably not simply determined. Many instances of facial nerve palsy intently fit these parameters but some others may be extra persistent in nature with signs showing and worsening over a extra extended period.

What Causes Facial Nerve Palsy?

Regardless of typically being described as an idiopathic situation, it is recognized that the majority instances of facial nerve palsy are as a result of irritation of the 7th cranial nerve. This inflammation often arises from a viral an infection or an autoimmune disorder. Many widespread viruses have been implicated with one research suggesting that herpes simplex (the widespread cold sore virus) is a serious cause however conflicting research have instructed that herpes zoster (the chickenpox virus) is extra more likely to be the causative agent. Different viruses which have been proven to cause the condition embrace: mumps virus, rubella (German measles) virus, influenza B virus, Epstein-Barr virus, coxsackievirus, adenovirus and cytomegalovirus. There are different recognized causes of facial nerve palsy and a doctor will contemplate the nature of the signs along with the medical historical past of the patient in figuring out whether or not further exams are needed. Some non-viral causes of this situation embrace: traumatic damage to the nerve, Petrons bone fracture, middle ear or mastoid an infection, continual meningitis, diabetes, tumours or carcinomatous/leukaemic nerve invasion. Other circumstances which may give rise to comparable signs embrace sarcoidosis and Lyme disease.

How is Facial Nerve Palsy Recognized?

Usually the place the onset of the condition is speedy and there are not any other suspected causes of these symptoms, analysis is often based mostly purely on the presence of typical symptoms. Where there is a sign that this situation may be non-viral in origin, the physician might require additional exams. Blood exams will probably be required if Lyme disease is suspected and an X-ray will probably be needed in instances of suspected sarcoidosis. If a tumour is taken into account as a risk, a CT scan is more likely to be required.

Facial Nerve Palsy Remedy

In all instances of facial nerve palsy, skilled medical attention is required. The methods of remedy are dictated by the cause of the situation, if recognized. Main bacterial infections similar to these of the middle ear or meninges might respond properly to a course of antibiotics however the extra widespread viral infections can prove to be harder to determine and treat effectively. Antiviral medicine could also be used but their effectiveness may be questionable. Where exams have established different main causes, these have to be addressed first. Using anti-inflammatory medicine is often really helpful and in some instances, corticosteroids may be useful in rushing the restoration course of. The paralysis of the eyelids and attainable involvement of the tear glands may end up in probably damaging dry eyes which have to be addressed often by the administration of appropriate eye drops and it’s typically essential to bodily maintain the eyelid closed for durations utilizing tape or an eye fixed patch.

Facial Nerve Palsy Prognosis

Facial nerve palsy is a daunting situation which often happens with out warning, although in some instances it might be preceded by a ache behind the ear, and the signs develop quickly with the appearance of inflicting life-changing paralysis. Whilst there isn’t a denying the seriousness of this situation, the good news is that the overwhelming majority of patients go on to make a full and full recovery inside the course of some months. Depending on the severity of the symptoms and whether permanent nerve injury has occurred, there could also be some future lack of perform however this is often relatively minor in nature. Through the healing process, the nerves can type irregular connections leading to sudden muscle responses and actions. The tear glands and salivary glands have, every so often, been discovered to share an empathy resulting in the manufacturing of tears when consuming. Usually, there isn’t a purpose to anticipate any recurrence of a facial nerve palsy episode until there is a household historical past of such events.