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Swollen Kneecap – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Pictures

What’s a Swollen Kneecap?

Swollen kneecap is a body dysfunction that causes the knee to get crammed with fluid, also called water on the knee or knee effusion. This could occur both slowly or simply directly relying on the rationale behind it. The swollen kneecap might be brought on by a small damage, arthritis or bursitis. These are the delicate types of knee swelling and cause little to no ache. These may also be treated with some over-the-counter drugs and some rest. The more persistent type of knee ache signifies that swelling is the worst. It causes plenty of pain even whereas doing the day by day actions like walking, operating or bending and so forth. Typically even when there isn’t any damage or illness the knee swells up for no purpose. This can be due to the extreme strain or additional work that has been completed on the knee and may be treated with simply relaxation in two days.

Our knee is a joint that’s liable for holding the load of the entire physique. Every time we do an activity, it mechanically places strain on the kneecap. So, damage to the knee joint is quite common. Typically the knee swelling just isn’t the disease, however is the symptom of an underlying illness which may have dangerous results on the body later. Knee swelling if not handled on time may completely make a person incapable of walking and putting strain on their legs. Typically an damage within the knee if not treated correctly may cause continual knee pain and some illnesses like arthritis.

Signs and Signs of Kneecap Swelling

There are quite a few indicators and symptoms of a swollen kneecap. If you find yourself having these symptoms, kindly seek the advice of your doctor instantly. They are:


Swelling signifies that the kneecap or the areas across the kneecap out of the blue grows in measurement and feels as if something has been crammed into it. Often swelling happens only in one leg, so the individual is ready to examine it with the other one. The swelling can haven’t any ache or a variety of pain relying on what’s causing it. Typically the swelling happens for no cause which may be the primary signal of an underlying knee drawback.


Often after train particularly from operating an individual feels a slight ache in the kneecap which is later followed by just a little swelling. Aside from exercise, there is a risk that the knee is swollen from a bug chew or after fall it may possibly cause damage which could be very painful. The swelling is often accompanied with pain whereas shifting the knee joint. The quantity of ache is dependent upon how much injury has been finished to the knee and what is inflicting the swelling to happen.


When the kneecap is swollen, you may feel it getting tender and delicate while touching it. This often occurs because of the accumulation of fluids beneath the pores and skin. The skin turns into softer and when you apply strain on the world, it’d really feel as in case you are touching a balloon full of water. Tenderness is often seen when there’s loads of swelling usually in the instances of an damage.

Heat to the touch

The swollen a part of the knee will get warm and stays heat each time you touch it. So, for those who feel that the skin around your knee is warmer than earlier than and the temperature isn’t normalizing, it’s the time to see the doctor. The warm pores and skin happens because of the body’s speedy therapeutic that is happening in that area. There is a large blood move on the space of swelling as a way to improve the recovery course of by the physique. The world may experience no ache on touching typically.


As mentioned above our body has a coping mechanism from the injuries that it goes by means of. A human physique heals itself. If a swollen kneecap is heat to the touch and there’s tenderness, this can be as a consequence of some damage. The body will increase the blood move to that area and causes the pores and skin to show pink. The redness also can happen if the knee is bruised. The skin around the bruise will get pink. The swelling accompanied by redness is a positive sign that the knee has suffered some inner damage and needs to be treated instantly.

Accumulation of fluid

The swelling is usually brought on by the buildup of fluids within the knee. If the knee feels tender to the touch, there’s a risk that there’s some liquid crammed inside it. Bursa is a fluid crammed sac within the knee joint which helps in its clean movements. If that will get infected and swollen, additional fluid is crammed in it causing accumulation of fluid within the kneecap.


In case you are unable to maneuver the joint and every time you straighten it, you possibly can’t bend it back. This, can also be brought about because of the swelling. There’s ache every time any movement is completed by the knee joint. And if the individual does not transfer the knee for some time, it will get stiff inflicting immense ache with each movement.

Weak spot

A person is unable to put strain and weight on his knees. The knee turns into so weak that any strain placed on it causes immense pain. The weak spot can be seen if the knee is worn out from operating or after biking, primarily after exercising the lower areas of the physique. Typically there isn’t a pain and no damage however the knee nonetheless feels weak and a person is unable to stand up on his legs, this may be as a result of some illness.

Popping noise

When an individual straightens his knees, they make a pooping or crunching sound which is clearly audible. These sounds are experienced each time the knee is bent or straightened.

Causes of Swollen Kneecap

The kneecap swelling can both be a disease by itself or it can be the symptom of an underlying illness. Listed here are a number of causes of the kneecap swelling:


Knee injuries are often triggered after fall, after exercise or because of an accident. The knee accidents could be of the following varieties:

  • Tear within the Ligament – The ligament is a band of tissues which are answerable for connecting a bone to a different bone at the joints. So if there’s an damage to the ligament the knee cap swells up. The swelling is accompanied by intense pain and instability to stand or move your leg.
  • Fracture – a knee bone fracture can also be a cause in the swelling of the kneecap. Both bone of the knee joint when will get fractured as a result of an damage or an accident causes lots of pain, redness and swelling within the area. It’s straightforward to make out that the knee has been fractured because the individual can’t bend the leg at all.
  • Meniscus Tear – Meniscus is like cushion to the knee. If it gets injured the knees capability to perform easily will get affected. The knee may get locked and you may really feel pain whereas squatting or strolling up and down the stairs.
  • Sprain – typically after cycling, after exercising or after falling, an individual feels a strain within the knee. The swelling occurs because the ligaments have been strained and some fibers have been broken. The swelling comes slowly and is accompanied with stiffness.
  • Kneecap Dislocation – This is probably the most severe case of knee swelling. The knee cap typically dislocates from its initial place and goes into some other course. This often occurs resulting from a high impression damage. There’s a number of pain and swelling related to it.


Arthritis is one illness that causes swelling within the kneecap with no damage. Arthritis is the most typical reason for the knee swelling in a lot of the ladies. In arthritis the wear and tear and tear of the bones and cartilages happen leading to production of additional fluid from the physique. Arthritis gets worsened by overuse if additional quantity of labor is being completed by the knee joint.


This often happens in the case of sportsmen who require an extreme use of their legs. Their knees get overused and fixed sporting and tearing damages them. The athletes who run for long period of occasions often face knee issues in the later elements of their lives if not properly taken care of.


A tumor is an abnormal cell progress that often seems as a lump from outdoors the physique. That is seldom painful and very not often causes swelling within the knee. The tumor is accompanied with weak spot, weight loss and nausea.

Spontaneous Haemarthrosis and DVT

Within the instances of people taking blood thinners, bleeding in the joints is quite common. This clotting results in swelling of the knee. Along with this deep vein thrombosis can also be answerable for clotting in the kneecaps resulting in swelling.

Easy methods to Treat a Swollen Knee cap?

Typically swollen kneecap might be treated at residence with easy over-the-counter drugs. A few of the methods you should use to treat your swollen kneecap embrace:

  • Ice Compress – The very first thing to do in the case of a swelling brought on by an damage is to apply an ice compress on the knee. Ice subsides the swelling and additionally causes much less irritation within the area. The blood move within the area slows down because of the software of ice decreasing the swelling and pain.
  • Relaxation – An important factor in dealing with a knee damage is relaxation. The more strain and work a knee has to do, the extra it can swell. So, taking proper relaxation and minimum movement of the knee is very important.
  • Compress – Knee braces can be utilized to offer compression to the knee and scale back the swelling. Compression doesn’t let the swelling to extend whilst offering a robust grip and help to the knee.
  • Elevation – Protecting the knee or the leg elevated can scale back the swelling. If the knee is stored at a better place than the guts, the fluids transfer downwards from the knee, reducing the swelling and accumulation.
  • Medicine – Anti-inflammatory medicines could be taken over the counter to scale back the pain that comes with the swelling. The physician may additionally recommendation you to take few medicines depending on the trigger for the swelling. Within the instances of bug bites there are a couple of antibiotics additionally prescribed by the physician.
  • Aspiration – If the swelling doesn’t subside in every week, your doctor may have to empty out the fluid from the knee with the assistance of a needle. The fluid might typically come back and the process may need to be repeated a couple of occasions.
  • Injecting Cortisone – Cortisone is a hormone that sends alerts to the immune system to scale back pain and inflammation in the knee. It’s often injected into the individual’s knee.

Therapeutic time

A swollen knee might heal in line with the influence of the factor that has triggered it. In case of the individuals affected by arthritis, knee swelling takes lots of time to utterly heal. It’d subside for somewhat time but comes back again if some exterior drive is applied or additional work is completed. In case of an damage knee swelling may take a few week or extra to heal. If there has been a tear within the muscle and the knee has been operated upon, then it’d take a few month to heal. In instances of tumors the knee needs to be operated and the therapeutic time from an operation is much more. Sports associated small accidents or bruises heal within a couple of days of remedy. In the case of dislocated knee cap, it’ll take greater than a month for an individual to have the ability to stroll and about three to 4 months for him to do any physical work. If correct care of the knee is taken and not a lot strain is exerted on it, your knee can heal quicker.

Residence Cures

Here are a few things that you need to do even after your damage has healed or the swelling has subsided:

  • Apply Ice – Making use of ice after any strenuous exercise that required numerous knee motion ought to be finished to keep away from any swelling or irritation.
  • Take Breaks – During exercising or doing any lower physique specific work, take small breaks in between in order that numerous strain is just not put on the knee altogether.
  • Knee pads – For few days after the damage is healed and the swelling is subsided, the knee remains weak. It’s suggested by the docs to put on knee pads that provides help and compress the knee during understanding or operating.
  • Don’t overuse – Do not overuse the knee. Doing a number of leg work just after the damage could make it come again. In the case of arthritis, the affected person is suggested to put as less strain on the leg as potential. This does not let the swelling to return again. Additionally, don’t play sure sports activities that require numerous operating like football, hockey and so forth. for a while after the damage.
  • Lose Weight – Obese individuals are at a higher danger of creating knee accidents. So, it is advisable to drop a few pounds and keep at a healthy weight bracket. Any knee drawback can get elevated with growing weight as it’s more strain on the knee.

Pictures of Swollen Kneecap

Take a look at a few of the footage of swollen kneecap:

Swollen Kneecap

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