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What’s in It, Does It Work & Is It Worth the Price?


In the detailed evaluations of Stability of Nature dietary supplements forward, I’ll cowl the company’s two dietary products – ‘Fruits and Veggies’ and ‘Fiber and Spice’.

You’ll study simply what’s in them, how a lot they value and whether they’re value it, the place to buy them, potential negative effects, and what I like and what I don’t like about these entire fruit and vegetable capsules and powdered fiber supplement.

Additionally ahead is Stability of Nature company info, details on customer critiques and complaints, if there’s a free trial and whether their merchandise are a rip-off.

Finally, at the finish of this article, a comparison of Texas Superfood vs Stability of Nature Fruits and Veggies and which is the greatest worth.

What is Stability of Nature?

With the hectic pace of recent life, many people find it troublesome to get enough wholesome fruit and notably vegetables into their weight loss plan. A big number of us additionally lack sufficient dietary fiber and expertise digestive issues like constipation.

Stability of Nature is a USA complement firm that produces, markets and sells top quality dietary products aimed toward addressing these well being points.

The business founder and principal is Dr. Douglas Howard who, in response to Stability of Nature’s web site, is ‘an American physician, medical researcher, and international lecturer’ who ‘specializes in phytonutrition’.

The corporate is listed on Higher Enterprise Bureau as founded in 2002 and at present based mostly in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their website lists a telephone number and e-mail but not an tackle for their headquarters or a postage tackle for returns.

Stability of Nature Supplements

There are two important merchandise in the Stability of Nature supplement vary – ‘Fruits and Veggies’ and ‘Fiber and Spice’. It’s also possible to purchase these two combined in what the company calls their ‘Whole Food System’.

Fruits and Veggies is definitely these two separate containers of 90 capsules every however they’re only bought together. Whereas the Fiber and Spice complement is one 17.6 ouncestub.

Let’s have a look at the more promising Fruit and Veggies product first and see whether Stability of Nature is any good.

Fruit and Veggies Ingredient Listing

The ‘Fruits’ entire meals capsules include: aloe vera, apple, banana, blueberry, cranberry, cherry, grape, grapefruit, lemon, mango, orange, pineapple, papaya, raspberry, strawberry and tomato.

The ‘Veggies’ product has: broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, cabbage, cayenne pepper, celery, garlic, kale, onion, shiitake mushroom, spinach, soybean, wheatgrass, yam and zucchini.

The components in each Fruits and Veggies are listed in alphabetical order. This isn’t helpful for this evaluate of Stability of Nature supplements because it doesn’t give a common concept of which greens or fruits are the most prevalent in the formulation.

Most entire fruit and vegetable drugs and powders have a proprietary mix of elements, moderately than listing particular amounts. Nevertheless, the largest by weight are often listed first.

By listing components alphabetically, Stability of Nature is ignoring this conference and asking you to belief that they haven’t bulked up on cheaper components, whereas including much smaller amounts of the extra nutritious ones just to allow them to be listed on the label.

Greatest and Worst of Fruit and Veggies

Beginning with the ‘Fruits’ product, antioxidant wealthy blueberry, cherry, cranberry, lemon, papaya, pineapple, raspberry and notably aloe vera are all highly useful elements.

Nevertheless, apple, banana, orange and tomatoes seem pointless cheaper additions as entire foods in this method.

Concentrated apple flavonoids or lycopene from tomato would have been a unique story. But the small quantities of those widespread powdered fruits would not make much distinction to all but the most nutrient deficient buyer.

Also, whenever you examine the number of fruits and berries in Texas Superfood to Stability of Nature aspect by aspect the later starts to look quite limited in their formulation. Extra isn’t all the time higher but there are much more high antioxidant additions in Texas Superfood’s supplements.

Shifting on to the ‘Veggies’ entire meals capsules, most of those components are high in vitamin with one obvious exception. I notably appreciated the shiitake mushroom, wheatgrass, garlic, kale, cayenne pepper and broccoli in these capsules.

That stated, what on earth was Dr. Howard considering including soybean in the Veggies formulation?

Soybean is an estrogenic ingredient with many health issues. It is comparatively low in vitamins and antioxidants, incorporates problematic substances like phytic acid, causes allergic reactions for some individuals and is in a myriad of processed foods in American supermarkets already.

There’s barely anyone in the USA that I can think of that may benefit from more soybean in their eating regimen.

It’s doubtless that this can be a quite small proportion of the Veggies components from Stability of Nature, but it is nonetheless a very unusual addition when most entire food supplements exit of their method to record themselves as soy free.

Fiber and Spice for Constipation

Should you purchase the ‘Whole Food System’ from this company you additionally get the ‘Fiber and Spice’ powder, which appears largely aimed toward preventing constipation. Let’s have a look at what’s in it.

Ingredient Listing

This digestive complement incorporates: psyllium husks, flax seed, apple and a proprietary mix of 12 entire spices. These are: allspice, cinnamon, clove, coriander, cumin, cardamom, fennel seed, fenugreek, ginger, mustard, nutmeg and turmeric.

Is Fiber and Spice Worth the Worth?

Psyllium husks-based fiber products could be efficient at relieving constipation and cleansing your colon, though I discover it troublesome to see how Stability of Nature Fiber and Spice might be value the retail worth of $69.95.

Each psyllium husks and flax seeds are inexpensive components, even when natural, and you should purchase a significantly superior product formulated by a physician here on Amazon for much much less.

Alternatively, in the event you really need to get monetary savings, just get common psyllium husks in an analogous measurement for a fraction of the worth and use them as directed.

Probably, if there are high amounts of natural cinnamon, fennel seeds, fenugreek, ginger and turmeric in specific in this fiber mix then it might be extra worthwhile to a customer.

Although any nutritional authority who knew their spices ought to listing Ceylon cinnamon and high curcumin turmeric at a minimum on their product label. That’s if these higher-quality components are being used fairly than cheaper widespread options.

As soon as again, without with out correct labelling of the elements, potential clients are being asked to belief Doctor Howard and the Stability of Nature company, with out quite a lot of supplement info or proof of what’s truly in the product they’re paying for.

Directions for Use

Vine ripened fruit and vegetables

The Fruits and Veggies product is in capsule type and the advisable serving is 3 Fruit and three Veggie capsules taken every day. At that dose it should final for 30 days.

There isn’t any advice as to when to take these supplements nevertheless it’s usually understood that taking them with a meal with wholesome fat in it may well improve absorption. Divided doses are also better from a well being perspective.

The Fiber and Spice powder has a instructed dosage of 2 heaped tablespoons twice day by day morning and night time for a 30 day supply.

That is quite a high quantity, especially to start out off with. Many well being authorities advocate beginning with simply 1 teaspoon of psyllium husks and working your tolerance degree as much as 1 tablespoon a number of occasions a day to keep away from unwanted effects.

Moreover, whereas the product label doesn’t present this, it’s greatest to take psyllium husk based mostly constipation cures on an empty stomach and importantly nicely away from drugs.

Aspect Effects of Stability of Nature Products

There are not any generally reported unwanted side effects of Stability of Nature products that I might find online, though I’ve listed a number of potential precautions and warnings based mostly on the components.

Nevertheless, since the company doesn’t sell on Amazon – often a superb supply of critiques, complaints and destructive results – it might be the case that there are simply few locations for patrons to precise issues with these formulation.

Attainable Precautions

  • Individuals with a soy allergy should undoubtedly avoid the Veggies entire food complement as it lists soybean as an ingredient.
  • I might also see dangerous breath and body odor as potential damaging results with the garlic, onions and cruciferous greens in the formulation.
  • People with a rare latex allergy ought to avoid the Fruits product on account of the pineapple and papaya components.
  • The psyllium husks in Fiber and Spice can typically trigger negative effects and digestive problems like bloating and fuel, especially whenever you first take it. Beginning out with a low dose and build up your tolerance is really helpful. The corporate may benefit their clients by listing this on the product label.

What I Like about Stability of Nature

1. Vegetarian Product

All components in the Stability of Nature range of merchandise are vegan and the Fruits and Veggies dietary supplements use vegetarian capsules.

2. Cautious Processing for Most Vitamin

The labels on the bottles of both Fruits and Veggies state that the product is ‘powdered by an advanced vacuum-cold process to stabilize the maximum nutrient content’. The web site additionally states that they use a particular freeze-drying course of referred to as flash drying that Dr. Howard helped to develop himself.

Additionally, they state that their components and never uncovered to heat or air drying. Utilizing this type of flash drying processing ought to make sure that the fruit and veg in their formulation retain the overwhelming majority of their unique vitamin and antioxidant content.

3. High Quality Components

Stability of Nature say on the website that each one their produce is grown with out chemical compounds, is GMO free and picked at the peak of ripeness.

Additionally they state that the dried produce powder is shipped to an unbiased laboratory where it is tested for bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals and nutritional content.

What I Don’t Like

1. Costly Worth for the Components

Even if Stability of Nature’s elements are of the highest high quality and nutrient rich they’re nonetheless very expensive at $89.95 for the Fruits and Veggies product, especially considering you solely get 30 servings.

Much more so, from a price of components perspective, for the Fiber and Spice at $69. 95, which is predominantly inexpensive psyllium husks. Though free supply within the United States does convey down the value a bit.

You can too get $20 off either of these products by turning into a ‘Preferred Customer’ for a one-time payment of $24.95.

This does embrace ‘personal health coaching to ensure success’ they say, however remember it additionally appears to contain ongoing month-to-month deliveries which some clients complain is troublesome to cancel.

Even when you did need regular monthly deliveries from Stability of Nature, this is still a excessive worth level for the elements listed in these products.

Based mostly on my information of the powdered fruit and vegetable supplements market, I don’t personally see them nearly as good value versus rivals like Texas Superfood or Patriot Energy Greens.

Stability of Nature Value Per Serving

Taking the Fruits and Veggies for instance, at a retail worth of $89.95 for twin 90 capsule merchandise, you get 30 servings of three capsules from every. That’s $2.99 per every day dose.

Examine the worth with these superior Texas Superfood 180 capsules on Amazon, and that’s with an identical philosophy on ingredient quality and a wider vary of fruit, vegetables and other nutrient wealthy additions.

2. Stability of Nature Vitamins and Minerals?

With high vitamin C components like lemon, grapefruit, pineapple and papaya, together with many pro-vitamin A containing foods in the mix, you’d assume these vitamins can be value itemizing at a minimal.

Likewise mineral-rich elements like wheatgrass, spinach, broccoli and carrot should have offered enough minerals to proudly advertise on product packaging. Yet no point out of the the vitamin and mineral content from the firm anyplace I can find on their web site.
Healthy Veggies and Fruits

three. Why Capsules Slightly Than Powder?

It’s true that some individuals choose capsules as they are straightforward to swallow. Nevertheless it’s also a reality that you simply not often get as a lot ‘bang for your buck’ with dietary merchandise bought as capsules versus powders.

The company says on their website that ‘some people chew the Fruit capsules as a treat’ and that the Veggies capsules ‘can be opened and are delicious spread over a salad’.

If their product actually taste so good, why didn’t Stability of Nature determine to supply a mixed uncooked fruit and vegetable powder like the overwhelming majority of their rivals?

The savings they might’ve made on encapsulation and fewer packaging might have been handed on in a lower cost level for his or her clients.

4. Organic however Not Natural Labeling

Stability of Nature say their product goes ‘beyond the USDA organic’ seal and that they choose to not use this seal on their labels as a result of it ‘does not approach their philosophies and standards for organic’.

Perhaps Dr. Howard is true on the deficiencies of the USDA organic normal, however at a bare minimal it does no less than present a better high quality of produce to conventionally grown crops. It doesn’t really help the shopper, taking a look at an entire fruit and vegetables complement to purchase, to make no mention of organic on the label.

I needed to look quite arduous to seek out this ‘organic but not organic labeling’ info buried in a troublesome to seek out article on their website. Might the additional value of USDA natural certification have been simply as much of an element as any ‘philosophy’?

5. Soybean in Veggies Product

I’ve said my concern with the inclusion of soybean as an ingredient in Stability of Nature’s Veggies supplement earlier.

Digging deeper into the company website, they defend this inclusion by stating that ‘cultures that have whole soy in their food… especially fermented, have some of the lowest cancer and lifestyle diseases’.

It’s mentioned in passing in this statement, but fermentation of soy merchandise is vital to their well being benefits and their labeling doesn’t state fermented soybean.

The very Asian cultures the firm is citing is having a few of the lowest incidences of most cancers, like Japan, largely eat soy solely in fermented type.

Any studies linking soybean to decrease most cancers charges often involve consuming natto, miso and different fermented soy merchandise – never raw soybean, which isn’t part of the normal Japanese weight loss plan.

6. Restricted Evaluations of Stability of Nature Merchandise

Since the company doesn’t sell their supplements on Amazon or some other giant online retailer the solely place to see customer suggestions is on Stability of Nature product pages – hardly an impartial resource.

There are 8 evaluations for Fruits and Veggies, all 5 star and all with the date September 14, 2017. I’ll depart readers to type their very own opinion of this.

There are not any reviewers for the Fiber and Spice supplement, though psyllium husk products may cause negative effects so I might have expected extra feedback and even complaints here.

7. Poor Product Info

If this firm sends their merchandise to an unbiased laboratory for nutritional testing as they’ve said, then they need to have detailed info they might listing on their product labels. As an alternative, Stability of Nature vitamin details are very limited if not non-existent.

Not even the carbohydrate, sugars, protein, fats, mineral or vitamin content material of Fruits and Veggies is listed. For the Fiber and Spice product the label exhibits carbs, dietary fiber and omega fatty acids solely.

Potential clients are primarily being requested to belief the good doctor that the Fruits and Veggies product incorporates usable amounts of the costlier excessive nutrient elements, fairly than containing predominantly the cheaper widespread greens and fruits listed.

Increasing on this level, the company web site, whereas initially appealing, is definitely quite mild on info. Many individuals these days are more aware of the well being benefits of specific fruit and veggies and would recognize rather more detail on a product they’re being asked to pay prime greenback for.Whole Vegetable and Fruit Supplement

Complaints and Is Stability of Nature a Hoax?

Delving deeper into the research for this evaluate of Stability of Nature, I discovered some considerations about the company and even individuals stating that their merchandise have been a ‘scam’ or ‘hoax’.

Several complaints on Higher Business Bureau detailed clients receiving recurring orders, regardless that they believed that they had solely made a one-off single order.

It was said a number of occasions from totally different reviewers on the BBB website that once they contacted the company they have been informed they were not allowed to return the unopened product. That is poor customer support and finally detrimental to a business’s popularity.

General, Stability of Nature had a Better Business Bureau score of B- as a consequence of 16 complaints towards the firm. Moreover, there have been 12 customer evaluations, with two constructive and 10 damaging critiques in complete.

This isn’t as low as the supplement big It Works Greens! however nonetheless a lot lower than the A score for Patriot Power Greens on Better Business Bureau.

Complement Claims and Fame

Furthermore, the Nationwide Advertising Division in the USA has referred Stability of Nature Inc to the FTC for claims made about their dietary dietary supplements on November sixth 2017.

In line with the NDA, the company ‘failed to file a substantive written response to provide any evidence to substantiate the challenged claims’.

Probably Dr. Howard is being targeted by authorities who don’t like the concept of a physician promoting dietary dietary supplements fairly than pharmaceutical medicine.

Regardless, the poor customer service detailed in the complaints towards this supplement company appear fairly damaging to their fame.

Each time a fairly high number of individuals are looking online for phrases like ‘Balance of Nature scam’ and calling your products a hoax it will be value taking a superb onerous take a look at the business practices of your company.

This is an particularly essential point when Stability of Nature seems to be asking clients to belief in the potential well being advantages of their products with little proof past what they have written on their website.

The corporate’s website might additionally use some critical work with lots of the hyperlinks broken or redirecting back to the homepage and general offering limited info on the enterprise.

A returns policy, more details on the ‘Prefered Customer’ subscription model and a receiving postal handle in specific must be simply accessible on any website selling dietary supplements directly to the public.

The place to Buy Stability of Nature?

You can’t buy Stability of Nature merchandise on Amazon or different giant on-line retailers. They are additionally not out there at Walmart, Entire Meals or in other health food stores.

The only means to purchase Fruit and Veggies, Fiber and Spice or their combo Entire Food System is here on their website at

For those who still determine you need to get Stability of Nature supplements, regardless of the considerations detailed in this evaluate, then be sure to examine rigorously whether you’re signing up as a ‘Preferred Customer’ and liable to be charged for ongoing month-to-month deliveries.

This appears to be the largest grievance with the company and most certainly purpose behind individuals questioning whether their merchandise are a scam or hoax.

Finally, before buying Stability of Nature Entire Meals System or Fruit and Veggies I’d extremely advocate evaluating it with the comparable but higher Texas Superfood capsules which yow will discover on Amazon right here.

In case you are contemplating the Fiber and Spice psyllium husk complement you would also save a lot of money through the use of this far simpler and higher worth product, additionally on Amazon, as an alternative.

A Free Trial?

There appears to have previously been a free trial of Stability of Nature and many individuals nonetheless seek for this on-line. At the time of scripting this evaluation I couldn’t find any hyperlinks on the company’s website for a free trial so it seems that is not obtainable.

Using Internet Archive yow will discover a page with a ‘Hear About Us on TV?’ heading and the option to enter a promotional code to receive your special supply. Like a lot of the firm’s web site, this web page is not working and redirects back to the homepage.Raw fruit and vegetable pills

Stability of Nature Vs Texas Superfood

Once you do a correct comparison of Stability of Nature Fruits and Veggies with Texas Superfood the latter appears each the superior product and the better value.

Texas Superfood is created from a mixture of 50+ raw, vine ripened and excessive vitamin greens and fruit, the majority of that are USDA organic certified.

The corporate states that this complement is vegan, gluten-free, dairy free and, in contrast to the Veggies product, soy free. In accordance with their website there’s additionally a 30 day a refund assure.

It’s not just the wider variety of vegatables and fruits in Texas Superfood capsules that compares nicely to Stability of Nature. It’s the particular elements as nicely.

In the vegetable section: artichoke powder, beetroot, broccoli sprouts, fenugreek extract, holy basil, kale, maca powder, parsley and turmeric are all nutritional standouts.

From the fruit ingredient listing: acai, blueberry, black walnut leaf, goji berry, hawthorn berry, monk fruit, noni powder, natural black seed powder, pomegranate juice and pumpkin seeds are all antioxidant rich inclusions.

In contrast to its Stability of Nature competitor, Texas Superfood also consists of an enzyme blend for better digestion, lactobacillus probiotics for gut health and dietary algae like chlorella and spirulina.

You’ll find Texas Superfood on Amazon right here and see extra customer critiques and answered questions on this better various to Stability of Nature.

Last Verdict

Every little thing written in this text is my private opinion however I consider I’ve raised legitimate questions on this firm and its merchandise.

Nothing must be taken as medical advice or personal criticism of any particular person, only my perspective on the analysis I carried out. I’m comfortable to read and respond to totally different views and suggestions in the comments under.

At the start of scripting this evaluate of Stability of Nature dietary supplements I favored their concentrate on high-quality elements and careful processing of vine ripened fruit and greens.

Unfortunately, with more detailed examination, I personally don’t assume the components themselves can justify the excessive worth this firm is asking for their nutritional supplements.

That is especially the case relating to the Fiber and Spice product, additionally bought in the Entire Food System, since the main ingredient, psyllium husks, is sort of cheap.

The Fruits and Veggies product by Dr. Howard seems to be fairly healthy, with the exception of the soybean addition, however there are such a lot of higher concentrated fruit and vegetable powder merchandise on the market now.

From the information I’ve gained from over a decade researching and writing about superfoods, I don’t assume that Stability of Nature, with their costly value per serving, stands up nicely to their competitors in an objective comparison.

The only purpose I can see to buy this product is in case you consider in the superiority of the produce chosen for the formulation and the processing strategies used throughout manufacturing.

Otherwise, it’s troublesome to see why you wouldn’t choose the much broader vary of vitamin in Texas Superfood, reviewed in element right here, over Stability of Nature as your entire fruit and veggies supplement.

Stability of Nature Score

Balance of Nature


  • Makes use of vine ripened fruit and vegetables.
  • Cautious ingredient processing using flash drying for retaining most dietary content.
  • Vegetarian product.


  • Poor product info and labelling.
  • Soybean used in Veggies product.
  • Expensive worth for the average ingredient listing.